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Kids Cooking Class

415 Main St., Johnstown 15901

Bring your child to our first ever, Kids Cooking Class.  This class will be hands on with our Executive Chef and you will work together with your child to create Chicken and Potato Dumplings and Strawberry Shortcake!  We are requiring that a parent or guardian is present at all times with the child to ensure the best possible experience.  A knife will be required at times, but it will be a team effort between you and the child, so all ages are welcome.  Older kiddos may take on all the responsibility if the parent or guardian allows!! 

We will be working with local artisans for this class as well.  Your child will be asked to submit a drawing, done in black marker please, to us by November 23rd.  That drawing will then be put on their own custom cutting board for the class.  The board will be theirs to take home!  Please submit all drawings to Balance Restaurant or email them to  The drawing should include their name and then whatever else they wish, their favorite food, kitchen essential, their family, pet, etc 

The cost is $60.00 for two - one adult and one child - this includes the hands on instruction, cooking and eating the two courses you created and their own custom cutting board to take home

We hope you will join us!!!

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