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Our journey over the last six years......

This was the first ever description of Balance Restaurant.  We had a dream and that dream has really come true.... through hard work, passion, an incredible team and amazing guests!  Read who we were and where we have grown to be.......

Balance BY DAY

At Balance, during the day, we focus on the traditional side of dining.  We offer healthy alternatives for lunch while we utilize fresh produce to create juices, smoothies, acai bowls, salads, wraps and other specialty items that are made fresh while you wait or prepared ahead for takeout.

Balance BY NIGHT

At Balance, during the evening, we focus on a creative dining experience.  We offer a variety of fresh delicious dishes, exciting signature cocktails, craft beer and wine.  By night, we strive to create a trendy hotspot to share a great dining experience through the art of sharing. Amanda hopes to do exactly that through this new dining experience, using cuisine and aesthetics to create a balance between healthy and indulgent.

With that being our first ever post about Balance, it brings back so many memories.  A simplistic one space that focuses on incredible food, service and atmosphere.  The demand for our product became so strong we are now 5 buildings and 60 team members strong.  We have grown so much not only through the physical buildings but the investment into the incredible community we thrive in.  We now will be offering the following....

411 Main Street is now the Main Hub...... our lobby is the welcoming point for every guest - a hostess is there to greet you and guide you where you need to be.  We even have a cold case for salads or desserts on the go!  Plus your favorite Balance attire for sale!!!

To the left of 411 is our Courtyard - a seasonal space for exquisite outdoor dining or private events

To the left of the Courtyard is The Vault - a dining space for our traditional menu plus the new VIP Vault Dining Experience

To the right of the main hub is the Mission Inn - a dining space for our traditional menu and an incredible space for private events!

To the right of the Mission Inn is the original Balance Dining Room.... PLUS the collaboration with Big Springs Distillery at the bar.

Our Story

Welcome to Balance Restaurant! Balance is located at 411 Main Street in historic downtown Johnstown. Bringing a new unique and fresh dining concept to the Johnstown region.

Amanda Artim, Co-Owner and General Manager, envisions the space as an interpretation of how she tries to live each day. “Everyone, including myself, always seems to be trying to find that perfect balance in life whether it is with work, family, kids activities, or even the food we put into our bodies. But how do you ever find that balance? Well, I read this quote by Jana Kingsford and it has stuck with me ever since.”

Balance is not something you find... Balance is something you create...” - Jana Kingsford

Amanda hopes to do exactly that through this new dining experience, using cuisine and aesthetics to create a balance between healthy and indulgent.

Balance Restaurant is a beautiful space that transforms from day to night bringing two concepts together into one dynamic place. The goal of Balance Restaurant is to bring people together through food and drink. We have created a space that is beautiful, welcoming and exciting. If you need to grab a delicious lunch on the run, enjoy a crafted cocktail or beer after work or have a fabulous evening out, we hope Balance Restaurant will be your choice.